Sunday, November 05, 2006

SA Zoo

picture 020

I went to the Zoo yesterday as part of the City of SA's celebration for employees celebrating their 5, 10 or 15 anniversary of service. Hard to believe I've been here so long already (really 11.3 years, don't ask me why it takes a year of planning before I got to celebrate).

I'm from North Carolina and we have a state zoo there, which is different from SA, which is a city zoo. Here the zoo is in town and so land is limited though the zoo is a decent size. In NC, it was set out in a rural area in the center of the state (pretty much) and so there was a lot of room for the zoo and animals to spread out. Just a little difference I noticed.

Don't know who this couple is but they had a lot of fun with the snake folks. I did not touch it. FYI. More zoo pics here -- SA Zoo.


  1. EEEEK! Great shot..but this gives me the chills!

  2. You forgot to mention how delightful your zoo-touring companions were. ;)

  3. I had the VERY BEST escorts, my amiga Angela and my honey Mark. Thanks for doing the zoo thing with me!

  4. yikes, looking at the color of the slivery thing makes my hair stand up!