Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Botero at Central Library

Botera Cat and Bird

Botero Bird

And here is the exhibit in place! It took a few hours to unload the sculptures from the truck and to get them rolled into the building. Then, many staff members and other involved parties had to move it off the palette, without damaging it and without automatic equipment (crane would have been nice), and set it into place. The cat weighs 900 pounds I heard. Have yet to confirm that. The bird weighs about 60 pounds. Both are bronze. As I mentioned yesterday, this exhibit is only for 3 months and is on loan from a private collector. We will soon get our very own Botero Horse. Not many public libraries can say they have a Chihuly, a Botero and a Sebastian.

If you would like more information on Botero, check the Wikipedia.


  1. cool.....lucky u to be able to snap it too!!! :)

  2. I guess the bronze is best used in art and not bullets. I like these pieces because they remind me of the statues often done in Japan.

  3. oh, that is a good point about the Japanese statues, Abe. And you're right, Moi.

  4. Thiên said: "Not many public libraries can say they have a Chihuly, a Botero and a Sebastian."

    ...and a Jesse Treviño, too!


  5. How can I miss Trevino? Thanks Beth!

  6. Come to the public opening of the Botero exhibition -- this Sat (May 26) at Southwest School (40 of the pieces) AND at SA Museum of Art (60 of the pieces) -- food, music, art-making as well...FREE on that day! Be among the first to see the other sculptures...