Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Java Nook Sneak Peek

Java Nook Interior

The guy in charge of the Java Nook was nice enough to give me a tour when I told him everyone was looking forward to it opening. He asked me if I had been inside and when I said no, he invited me in. I like the colors of the place and the furnishing and such. He told me a bit about it:

Grand Opening is planned for December 3 I think (don't quite me on it) but that he was hoping to open it up a week or two before. I asked if I could get a pic and he said sure no problem. After I got this pic one of the guys asked me if I had asked about the menu and I didn't but part of it is viewable in this photo. I have seen from the window that they plan on offering frosty's (what that means I don't know, but it sounds good to me), also the scuttle-butt is that they will also be serving pastries and such...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lunchables/breakfast...but I'll take what I can get. I don't do coffee, but they'll get my business regardless if for nothing else but that the owner is a nice guy.

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  1. Same here- the owner invited me in to look around- very friendly. I think the hours may even be expanded beyond those of the library. Since they don't have a food prep area per se, I think any pastries/sandwiches will have to be brought in from elsewhere. I'll be stopping in for sure!