Thursday, October 26, 2006

Empire Theatre & CNN

Empire Theatre

Had to stay in town late last night and as we cut through downtown to get to IH10, I really liked all the lights of the night. I rarely go down St. Mary's in the evening due to congestion on the one-way streets but I'm glad I did last night. We got to see the Empire Theatre all lit up for a show CNN was hosting there. It was about the borders and immigration. Highlights on the news showed it was a heated debate at times. It is one of many town hall meetings CNN has set up across the country. Maybe you have one coming or came already?


  1. Excellent night photo. I've taken a few pics of both the Empire Theater and the Tower Life building, but usually in the late afternoon, as that's the route one of my *drivers* takes.

  2. Nice done. I like the illuminated building tower on the hill, in the background. What is it?

  3. pretty neat - this is big time media

  4. Thanks Shorty. You should post a daytime shot of Empire.

    Kala, I know! Lou Dobbs. Big name no?

    Alex, that is the Tower Life Building. The 30-story neo-gothic office building is also known as Transit Tower or Smith Young Tower and was the tallest building in San Antonio, Texas for 59 years, from its completion date in 1929 until completion of the Marriott Rivercenter in 1988.

  5. Excellent composition for this great night shot. Very colourful and well balanced.