Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Tower

picture 290
So this is one of the shots I snapped when we went to the top of the Tower Sarah and Shorty posted about yesterday. Can you see the Friendship Torch and the Enchilada Central Library? Click on the picture to go to Flickr and see notes of the location.


  1. I see them both, but maybe it's because I'm so familiar with the terrain. I took a shot almost identical to this one, but am glad I didn't post it since yours is vastly superior. :D

  2. Hello Sarah!
    Photo is great, but I don`t know, where these buildings are. In Flickr has such way to put into a picture a note. Could you try to use it with this kind of pictures, putting an arrow or something.
    Happy times to you, Sarah!

  3. on this photo its very well visible the difference between the structures of European cities and American cities. here the roads are parallel creating a very disciplined network. In Europe in a lot of cities (like Budapest) the roads are going to an origo, a middle point in the downtown.

  4. wooohooooo wonderful overview of the city and yes, I think I do see the @ sign =)

    Fantastic picture!

  5. I got the labels on but they don't appear when I reloaded my pic! Will work on it.

  6. Um...like this one too. :D
    nice bird's-eye of San antonio!!
    but i dont where are those buildings...:P
    i will try to find out which one is which...