Friday, February 09, 2007

Wired for action

Picture 069

Have you ever gotten a sleep study done?? I have not but I did get to see my honey get wired last night. This is usually conducted in order to determine causes of interrupted sleep in patients. There were about 11 wires, though to me it sure seemed like more! I understand to have an EEG, there are an additional 10 wires! Yikes. How does anyone even sleep with all these attachments.

This was conducted at one of the very few sleep labs we have here in SA.


  1. that's what i thought, how one can fall asleep with all these wires attached.
    very unusual post and i kind of like it =)

  2. did he get compensated for the study? or do you to pay to get it done?

  3. Well, he said it was not comfortable b/c you are so conscious of the wires. A couple of them detached twice in the night so the technician comes in to reattach. Needless to say, he did not sleep well. And then you have to wash all the goo off your body and head, it's some sort of adhesive they use to keep the wires attached. And no, he didn't get compensated. Insurance will help cover the cost of the study if your doctor recommends it for you. Apparently lots of people suffer from sleep apnea and are now seeking help for better rest.

  4. Cute! Does MG know you posted this pic of him?

    I hope he gets some help. I think I am often saved by the fact that I am a pretty good sleeper!

  5. Tim, well, I did tell him for permission to photograph for the blog. And I did use a non-face shot... :)