Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back Rubs at Ruta Maya

Soooo Good
We were at Ruta Maya's for our monthly Knit Nite. As you can see it's not all about knitting, although there was some of that going on. We were surfing the net, gabbing and eating and drinking of course. We've gathered many a time at Ruta Mayas, and when we do I always feel like I'm watching a scene from Friends at Central Perk. The food there is pretty good, I think I've had every one of their sandwiches, some of their salads, their quiche and even their breakfast. I've also had their scones and muffins. I've tried some of their wine which I didn't like, but then I have yet to find a wine that I like. I've also had two kinds of their Blue Sky soda's: the cola which I like and the green tea lime which I didn't. :D

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