Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bus Stops Here

2007_09-26 (49)
A while ago I saw another DPer had taken a photo of a bus stop I think. It reminded me of the bus stops located all over downtown. This day I was waiting for the trolley by the Central Library and decided to capture a few shots. I took a few in color and some in B&W. As you can see from the shot I selected I liked the b&w better, I think especially in this instance it captures the detail better. The color of the bus stop is green. The trolley's in downtown are supposed to pass every 15 minutes and for the most part I think they do. I usually hop one to go into downtown proper, usually to visit RiverCenter Mall. I get a lot of my holiday shopping done this way over lunch, or when a book comes out that I just can't wait to get I go over lunch and pick it up at Brentano's.

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