Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just Another Brick in the Wall

Hole in the Wall
Saw this the other day as I was going home. I wanted to get a pic of it, but I just kept missing it or it was too blurry. Finally got this shot as I was walking back from lunch. This is the Southwest Art and Craft Center Navarro campus. I blogged about it back in August. This spot is to the right of the entrance, pretty much on the corner of Navarro and Augusta. One of the reasons this caught my eye was because it reminded me of another blog I read Strange in San Antonio. He blogs about odd things that happen in San Antonio including cars crashing into houses. I can't be sure this is what happened here, but it could have been. Anyone know the story?

Oh and Happy 11th Abs. :)


  1. That certainly looks like a car smash. I'm sure it happens more than what is actually reported in the media, and that seems to be a lot. But, things seem to have been quiet lately ... until this!

  2. Imagine sitting quietly at the breakfast table and all of sudden a huge kabang and there 's a car in the wall.

    Love Pink Floyd