Friday, May 23, 2008

Papa Patrolling

papa patrol
I think this is the first Papa Patrol I've ever seen. As a child and up to now I remember only women. We used to see them on a daily basis as we were walking to and from school as they helped to get us safely there. I informed my nephew one day that WE didn't have any one driving to and from school (he asked why a boy was walking to school)--back then we were like the postal service, "during rain, snow and sleet". I remember one day walking to school and brushing up against a honeysuckle bush and getting swarmed by bees, I was lucky I only got stung three times. Another time I remember walking home during a storm and nearly getting struck by lightening. (It blackened the street next to us and the sidewalk in front of us.

I always am surprised by stuff that I take for granted that is everywhere (like breakfast tacos and pep rally's) that is more localized than I ever thought. Are mama or papa patrols around in your area?

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