Monday, May 12, 2008

Spurs Win!

King James loves the Spurs.

No, not LeBron. The King James Version of the Bible. David Robinson gave the sermon at Oak Hills this morning. Must've helped. It's a two outta three series now.


  1. I think thats funny! At least they have a good sense of humor at that church!

  2. I love these funny sayings on churches. I used to pass one everyday but I never got to take pics since we were always on the move and it was either too dark, or the pics came out blurry.

  3. John, I wish I had seen your post during the series. However, we are now on to the Lakers. Thank goodness our Spurs showed up yesterday. I still have a feeling we'll take them out of the picture. They are simply too confident they'll beat us and that's when they get slack. Also, the fact that no one in the media gives the Spurs a shot should fuel our big guys. Of course, everyone also picked the Suns AND the Hornets to beat our old guys and look where we are today.

  4. What an awesome way for a church to support their team! That's AWESOME!!! ha ha ha

    Love it!