Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bots Gone Bad

bots gone bad
I love to see the book displays, or just any old display that libraries, bookstores, or any ol retail store or home puts up for all sorts of stuff. This one drew my eye because of the sign. It's really simple, just black text, but the red eye in the D really caught my eye. I totally got that it was the HAL eye, but I heard that some people didn't.

The only book that I've read on the face out books is 2001. I've also read 2010 and the follow up to that. I haven't read the Veiled Web by Asaro, but I own the book, it was given to me as a gift. I have read some of her other books (the Skolian saga) and another book of hers that has bots Alpha. I haven't read I, Robot, but I saw the movie--don't know if that counts.

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