Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roadside Retail

road side selling
It's not just in those other countries that you will see people selling stuff on the streets. This is not strictly in San Antonio. We are just about to enter Elemndorf as you can see from the sign, but it's close enough not to matter. This seller has cans to sell. I think they use these mainly to burn trash/brush because of the burn bans in some of these counties. I've also seen people selling grass, fruits and veggies, rugs/carpets and even purses and stuffed animals. Of course people also sell the usual candy apples, puppies, pinatas, cars, shirts, shoes, etc--although that tends to be more in the city than in these more rural roads.


  1. I think a lot of people buy those to make things with them. You can make deer feeders, livestock feeders, barbecues, use them for water storage, etc.

  2. Oh that's right. I think we had a few of those barbecue pits made from these thingies back in the day.