Friday, September 01, 2006

I pooted

I drive by this billboard once a month on my way to class. It still cracks me up.


  1. Okay, you got me. What is "pooted?"

  2. I meant to take a pic of the same board on my way home everyday. It really made me laugh Sarah!

    Kate, I think it's just an add for the Cartoon Network.

  3. I like this photo!
    and i like cartoon too...:D

  4. Sarah, with that electrical tower you caught behind the billboard, it looks like a sci fi creature with a green head! So, what DOES pooted mean? (I don't have a TV. . .)
    Great and fun shot.

    PS, hey, it's been a few days since any of you posted. Hope all is well. . .

  5. Hi Kim, yes we have had so much going on here at work that posting had been neglected for a while. (The City is thinking about cutting our department!)

    Also, as Sarah and I were discussing, August was the HOTTEST month ever here in TX. We were roasting here. Melting away in the TX heat...and so we were not inspired to drive around in 3 digit heat. Hopefully cooler temps will mean new pictures.

    Oh, and "pooted" means fart. hee ;)

  6. haha, this one made me laugh, today’s DP is pretty serious

  7. I love it! We have yet to see this billboard around Phoenix.

  8. Very good capture of an unusual (to the say the least) combination of signs. Brilliant !!!

  9. *hehehe* I hadn't seen the other sign until you pointed it out Nathalie. I wonder if eating at the one, causes the other. :D