Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rainy Days in SA

Rainy Day in SA
Yesterday started out grey and just got greyer (Is that a word?) When we were driving into work it wasn't raining. When I went to grab breakfast a bit later it was raining and I got wet...had to dry off with a hand dryer, since I can't seem to keep an umbrella. When I went to lunch I got wet again. There was a few really loud thunder booms and at least one lightning strike that made us lose power—although we didn't realize until later.

You'll notice the palm on the lower left hand side of the picture. You'll see many of these around San Antonio, and I don't think they're native, but who knows maybe there are...are there any tree people out there that know the answer? If so pass it on, cause my enquiring mind wants to know.


  1. Oh how we would love some rain here. Nice shot.

  2. Nice rain. We got a bit this morning too. First time in 2 months.

    We are dry.

    I am back from my self-imposed vacation.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. the rain is everywherewe wait the summer. normally it was yesterday

    still a mistake in the date surely

  4. We have gotten a lot of rain so far this year in South Texas and maybe this will help us make it through the scorching summer heat and usual drought.

  5. Randy: Oh I bet you would love some rain there. Most years we are hurting for rain here too, but this year so far we've had a gracious plenty.

    Abraham: Yeah we've had dry spells too. Sometimes we are so dry that our dirt is all grey and powedery and cracked all over.

    Bergson: Summer is not my most favorite season—although it used to be when I was younger, summer vacation.

    T: Amen to that my sistah! :D

  6. The palm in the picture appears to be a California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera), not native to this area. Although they're not from here, the California and Mexican fan palms are so well suited to the area that they've become naturalized, popping up in the cracks in the sidewalk and growing in ditches and abandonned fields. The Texas Sabal palm (Sabal mexicana) is native to Texas in the rio grand valley, but to my knowledge, no palm trees are native to San Antonio.

  7. Thanks Anon. I know there's always someone out there that will know an answer to my question.