Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stormy Gray Skies

stormy gray skies
Saw these gray skies as we were heading for a bit more shopping. We went to go look at some furniture at a thrift store but it was closed and we wer going to stop at another store before we headed home, but when we saw these clouds we decided to go straight home in hopes of missing the rain. When we got home the first few drops started to fall and then it rained for a good bit.

Before we got home though we had to dodge a couch that came flying off of some truck in front of us. Either it hadn't been tied down, or the wind was just too strong for it. As my sister and I were driving right behind it we saw it kind of flapping in the wind and right after we moved to the side line to avoid any mishaps it came off the truck. I don't think it hit anyone but it was a close call.

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