Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Theme Day: Big

My Sharpie domination begins
The theme for this month is BIG (my not so big right now, but soon to be hugemungous collection of Sharpies). I thought of the many pics I have of those Big Red Balls on the library's lawn, but I hadn't got a recent pic of those. I also just now thought of those not as big as the libary balls that Target has in front of their stores, but then I thought of these. I purchased these recently when I told myself I couldn't pass up the price for the amount of Sharpies I was getting. I do have a few more than this but I wanted to get the shot. Apparently there is a big following of Sharpie online. There is a Flickr pool and much more. I saw a prom dress done with Sharpies and one of the girls I used to work with decorated a tank with some--I'd like to try that. Another girl told me that they now have Sharpies that don't bleed through and I just saw a television advert for them. I want some of those now too, along with one of every color and those clickety ones too. I do have the silver Sharpie for writing on dark surfaces. I also saw that Sharpies can be personalized, much like M&Ms.

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