Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Kid in America

the kids in america
It's rare to see people without some kind of umbilical now a days. You see kids on their hand held games or some other game console, on their cell phones, listening to their iPods or hunched over a computer. I've heard these same kids complain about having to walk any distance or that they are poor. Pardon me, but back in the day if we wanted to get anywhere we walked. I remember once walking from MLK drive on the East side to the Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum to see the vonErichs wrestle. Heck one time I was so desperate to check out some books from the old Main Library that after I paid my fines to be sure I could check them out, I had no bus money to get home. I walked from downtown to where the new Mission Library will be. Kids in this day and age getting worn out from walking the mall. And as for poor the only times I played games was when I went over to other people's houses and I didn't have cable in my house until I was in college. I didn't get a computer until my last semester in college and my only internet access was dial up access through school.

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