Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PreOwned Cars

preowned cars
I wonder when it was that people stopped calling them used cars and instead went to the term pre-owned, they both mean the same thing right? I remember when we owned our first cars, they were all "pre-owned". At least once I remember one of those cars stopping in the street, once of those busy streets--36th and some nice man stopping and helping us out, that time it was the water or something. My little brother would borrow the car too and it was always leaving him stranded. Of course he would say he had no idea what was wrong with it, but it always ended up that it was just out of gas. (You can't really blame him because the gas gauge didn't work). One of our other cars had no working speedometer. We could have honestly answered no if a cop ever stopped us and asked "Do you know how fast you were going?". Another one our cars was cute, we called it the hooptee. It had what I called a killer hatchback, because if you didn't prop it up with a stick it would come down on your neck and you'd be lucky if you weren't beheaded. :D

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  1. Pre-owned cars is a good choice to buy as it's cheaper than the brand new model also it generally does not show any servicing problem.