Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chicken Dance

Taken at a San Antonio Missions AA minor league baseball game. From left to right, the Missions mascot Ballepeno, Church's Chicken mascot (a sponsor), and the Corpus Christi Hooks mascot.

But what I really want to know is do you know how to do the Chicken Dance?


  1. Ballepeno is a pretty bad pun, what is the Hooks mascot? I was unsure. They play the Chicken Dance song at most ballgames I've been to and all I know is to clap 4 times and to flap my wings 4 times.

  2. It is a very funny thing to see people do the chicken dance. I think the Ballepeno is hilarious along with the little Puffy Taco that accompanies him sometimes.

  3. I went to a Hooks game last time I was in Corpus Christi... AA Ball is fun.

    The Hooks' mascot is a hook. You can somewhat make out the back of the hook shooting up behind the chicken's elbow.

    Ballapeno... that's rich!
    I guess the Church's Mascot beat up Herbert's Puffy Taco (The mascot is from Herberts..right? Mmmm puffy tacos)

    Nice capture of "___CKEN DANC_" on the board. Heck yes I can do it... but can the Subservient Chicken do it? -