Wednesday, August 09, 2006


In San Antonio, people routinely eat breakfast tacos for breakfast. You can strike up a conversation with just about anyone asking them where their favorite place is for tacos.

Breakfast tacos are small tortillas filled with different combinations. Some favorites around here include bacon & egg, chorizo & egg, potato & egg, bean & cheese, or even barbacoa.

What do you have for breakfast?


  1. Here is my swedish breakfast. One egg, boiled for five minutes. One or two leafes of some healthy bread with cheese (Port Salut), and then Filmjölk with either banana or strawberry. If you don't know what filmjölk is I found some info on wikipedia
    I finish my breakfast with coffee.

  2. Mmm.. Did you know in Laredo, Texas they call breakfast tacos "mariachis" like the band?

    I think Beavis and Butthead introduced the breakfast taco to the world... as the "breakfast burrito"

    Cool to see photos of the city just a few miles south of me... different perspecitve of a cool town.

  3. I'll take the potato and egg taco =)

  4. Sean, just between the two of us...I would also call these breakfast burritos. :)

    kala...potato and egg are my favorites too...especially with lots of spicy salsa!

  5. Oh man, Sarah! It's 7:45 AM and you've just reminded me I haven't eaten breakfast. I'm heading for the fridge and grabbing the eggs and fresh hot salsa. There are avocados in the bowl, so I'll add some slices. And I'm putting on a pot of some Peet's "Las Hermanas" (a new fair trade coffee Peet's has just come out with, farmed by women!). Okay, I'm going to fix breakfast right now. Have a great day!

  6. Tacos breakfast, lunch or dinner sound good to me!

  7. Tacos for my supper!! Extra salsa please!!