Friday, July 20, 2007

All Fogged Up

Fogged up windows
It's been so humid in San Antonio, that windows are all fogging up. This is a window at the Central Library. You can see to the left the new book fiction section. They usually have some kind of display going. This is a beach reads display. I like the Castaway font and the beach ball. In the center of the photo you can also see Axis Mundial by Sebastian, or the mini Tower of Friendship—as I like to think of it. Behind AM you can barely make out the escalators and to the right is the entrance to the gallery which is showing an exhibit called Sabor Botero by a local artist [edit: Gilbert Duran]. At the farthest right you can see the Non-Fiction new books. The first shelf also holds displays. This month it's focusing on One Book One San Antonio on the left and Cinema Soledad on the right. I know there's something in the middle, but I can't remember what it is [edit: finally remembered, after seeing a photo of it, Hurricane's (haven't actually experienced any of these, only some of their effects, including those fleeing from them—Gilbert, Katrina, Rita), Typhoons (My baby bro went through a couple of these the times he was in Okinawa), and Cyclones].

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