Monday, July 16, 2007

Rappelling at Central

Saw these ropes hanging off the Central Library and was trying to get a shot of the rappellers. I was finally able to hunt two down. This photo isn't the most exciting one, but it does show the rappeller on the 6th floor, which is pretty much as high as the Central Library goes.


  1. not in this lifetime could you catch me doing anything remotely near this!!!! nice shot!

  2. This is kind of strange, but I was searching on google to answer this question, and i stumbled on this blog...

    Would you happen to know what library this is from;¤t=IMG_2403.jpg? I remember it was some library, I just don't remember it the central one? It's driving me crazy. :/

  3. fantastic, i don't think that even worked :P there's a picture here, if you can maybe help me out;

  4. neva: I like the idea of rappelling, but I'm not sure I'd actually be able to do it.

    tp: I thought so too, which is why I hunted for a photo op.