Friday, December 21, 2007

Nana's Fruit Cups and Floral?

Saw this little shop as we were driving down near Kennedy High School. I had not noticed it before, but I hadn't been down there in a while. There's a bunch of these fruit cup places all over, but I noticed after I uploaded the photo that it also says floral on the right hand side. I wonder if they do fruit and florals or if it's just a left over. Maybe if we ever drop in I can find out.

As an aside, we used to live by there years ago and I was always a bit freaked because we lived right by a cemetery and I was as always trying to keep abreast of a zombie uprising, but that was before Kelly Air force Base became KellyUSA so I figured I could always just run to the base and have the soldiers and their guns take them out.

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