Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Riverwalk Mosaics

River Walk alcove
Back to work after having Christmas Day off. I needed a break so I took a walk with a coworker on the RiverWalk. It was a great day for it, a bit bracing, but I loved it-windy and and the sky scintillating blue.

This is the very beginning of the section of the RiverWalk on accessible off of Augusta. This little area is a bit of an alcove, with what looks like a small place to sit. It also looks like it might be lit at night, but I must admit I've never been down there at night to tell for sure.

All along this stretch of the River Walk you can find many a mosaic piece. Some of them appear to be you are here maps, while others show scenes of San Antonio. You can find more pics from my walk here.


  1. I've been to the riverwalk but don't recall these, although I'm sure I must have seen them. I'd love to wander through there again some time! Thanks for posting.

  2. These are always cool and it is great to see them posted Shorty. Glad you're posting again.