Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cuellar Community Center

Cuellar Community Center
My sister and I needed to get some stuff done so we dropped off the kids and went to go find some eats. When we went to pick them up they were out at the park. I hadn't been to this park in years. They've expanded it and it was busy with b-ballers, families and kids. My sister even pointed out the skate park that had been added.

The whole story of the day:
My sister wanted to eat at Asia Kitchen but forgot that it was closed on Sundays. We ended up eating at Acadiana's. I love their chicken and dumplings and we love their nachos, which we normally get for an appetizer. We had a lovely guest who was eating alone and didn't want to sit by himself. (Thanks for the meal and the company J., good luck with your house and good luck to your son.)

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