Thursday, February 21, 2008

RiverCity PediCab

Rivercity Pedicab
Saw these guys at La Villita. I had gone back to try to get some more photos because I had run out of memory and batteries when I was there for the mass wedding. I had read a story about these guys in I was telling a coworker that I would love to take a ride on the pedicab, if for nothing else but to take photos.


  1. It was a nice cruise around the city. The only draw back is these guys pedal all day. I suggest upgrading the pedidrivers to electric/man powered pedicarts. Some customers are very large & isn't comfortable to the drivers when all they have is man power.other than that we had fun.

  2. I'm the driver in the picture and can tell you that it isn't that bad driving a cab all day. The cabs are geared down and San Antonio is mostly flat downtown. Don't be afraid to ride with them or to tip them generously.