Friday, April 04, 2008

Flyleaf at Cuatro Cuatro

Cuatro Cuatro! Concert
My nieces were after me to attend a concert with them. One of them was all excited because she likes Flyleaf. I like them too, in fact we both own the same cd. I finally gave in and went with them. We got to the front of the line with our tickets and they said no camera's and of course I take my camera with me everywhere. So of course we had to get out of the line. (Well at least I did, I told my nieces they could stay in line but they were loyal and stayed with me.) We finally got to the front and of course they weren't really checking by then. I had my niece and nephew take pics with their cellies so I could get something for the blog.

The concert was at the Sunken Gardens and it was a beautiful day for it, windy and cool, but not too cool. They had a free throw contest where if you got three baskets in a row you got VIP tickets to another show. My niece got all three and she scored VIP tickets to a Kid Rock show.

The only drawback for my niece was that of all the port-o-potties they had none had toilet paper, since all of it was being thrown around in the crowd. :D My nieces experienced their first mosh experience. One of them was fine with it until she got her earring bearing ear bashed into a wall, the other had enough with one time being in the middle of it.

It was a nice mix of people, the very young, to the older generation in their black concert tees from bands of the past. Flyleaf did really well. I'm not too big on concerts but it wasn't bad at all.

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