Thursday, April 03, 2008

Breakfast Tacos

Egg & Cheese and Bean & Cheese tacos

Back in August of 2006 Sarah, founder and former blogger for SADP posted about the love affair San Antonio has with breakfast tacos. I was so surprised when I heard that other states don't have breakfast tacos. Some people don't even know what tortillas are. When we visited my brother and his family when he was stationed in California we ended up having to make breakfast at home because the only tacos we could find were carne asada...that to us is not breakfast, but lunch.

In this picture you will find egg and cheese and bean and cheese tacos in flour tortillas from Blanco Cafe in downtown San Antonio. I love the cheese they use. I only ever really eat these tacos from Blancos. My usual weekday fare is bacon and eggs. On the weekend we usually have barbecoa and sometimes tamales and every once in a while menudo. (This is more of a Sunday breakfast-Saturday is usually breakfast cereal.)

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