Sunday, September 10, 2006

Milam Diner

I love this place. It's located it downtown San Antonio on the ground floor of the Milam Building. It reminds me of an old time restaurant. They have these great booths with metallic red plastic seats.

Also their food is as close to home cooked as I've ever tasted. I would go here daily if they could keep their turkey burger in stock.

I remember back in the days of 90210 my sister always wished she could find a place to hang out like the Peach Pit, well this place might qualify.


  1. I LOVE the old-style diners - they are the best.

  2. Well, I know where I'm heading the minute I hit San Antonio. Sounds inviting. My daughter was just saying yesterday that when she has her own kitchen, she wants to have a booth with sparklely candy-apple red diner seats, etc.

  3. Milam diner it is a very lovley place to eat the food is delicious and the service is wonderful! BUT the owners of this wonderful place are very rude to their hear them yelling and hollering all the time and there were only two waitresses on the floor my server told me that it is only them two they work from open to close they are the first ones there last to leave. You also hear a lady in the back calling them fat and dirty. I dont know how they expect them to do their job without getting dirty, yes milam is fantastic but I think my visit was ruined just because the way the owner had handled his servers.