Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Police Station

I love this old police station downtown San Antonio. I had to go and visit today to get my fingerprints taken for my new job!


  1. i didn't know you have to take fingerprints when getting a new job - is it something new?

  2. Our police building is so boring. The only other police buildings I know are from tv and those for the most part look all snazzy. How about the rest of you all...do you have some better looking police buildings?

    jazzy: I don't know how new it is, but back in '98 I had to have them taken too.

  3. Oh, congrats Sarah with your new job! I think this is a nice building.

  4. nice police station building...:)
    and ... In China, when you take some special jobs, fingerprints are needed to be taken...
    Not my job! :D

  5. You sure it was just for a new job!!!?? Only joking. Hope it goes well.

  6. Funny, I just took a pic today of an old police station in Sydney very different in style from this. Will post it one of those days.