Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Tummy

picture 314

This afternoon Mark and I went to Saigon Express on McCollough. I have heard several people say they've been there and of course people always ask me about it and since I had not been, I couldn't tell them anything.

I was turned off by their not-so-attractive exterior but we took the plunge and went inside. I thougth this was a nice little alter for good luck and continued blessings for the business. You see these alters in some restaurants, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai I've noticed. Many are not this nice so I snapped a shot.

Oh right, the food. Pretty darn yummy gang. We need to go as a group to see what you think. I had the equivalent of the Noodle House P31 (grilled pork with shrimp on vermicelli and fresh vegetables) and Mark had the lunch special sweet and sour chicken. Both were very delicious. I was particularly impressed by the freshness of the veggies. We also had an order of summer rolls (the fresh ones) and it was very good though a bit heavy on the veggies. The menu also included quite a number of vegetarian dishes. Two thumbs up on the food. Decor could use a little work.


  1. I ate there a couple of months ago and thought it was good, too.

  2. Holding out on us Angela? You're supposed to share you're good food findings. *grin* I shall have to go try their P31 equivalent. I almost had Taste of Asia this weekend, but I missed out, so now I'm all like craving. :D