Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Parking Meter Lamp


Yesterday's errand to get a parking card for Sonia turned into a photo opportunity when we got to the parking division office! Check out this funny lamp we saw. It would have been really funny if you have to insert coins in order to power up the lamp!

After this, the drive back was super adventurous (a bit of a scare) and we are still a little jumpy from it. Picture those Volkswagon commercials, you know, where the friends are talking and all of a sudden, bam! They get hit by another vehicle. It was like that for us but thankfully no contact was made. There wereloud brakes screeching and smoke from the tires. But we lived to write about it.


  1. Love the lamp--a great find!

  2. what a great lamp. do you need to insert coins for it to light up? haha....

  3. :P
    interesting lamp!!
    and i thought of Eric's lady-lamp, this one looks more man-style.

    shanghai daily photo

  4. What a neat design for a lamp.

    Is it a real meter that's been converted or just a model of one?

  5. Yes, it was a nice surprise in an otherwise "regular" waiting area. It was a real meter at one time though now you don't insert coins. It just runs on electricity.

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  7. For a minute there, I thought one of you went and bought this monstrosity... Well, I guess it makes a great conversation piece.

  8. Hey Meg, I thought it made for a cool shot, but no, I don't think I'm going to be purchasing this anytime soon!

  9. I have a duncan model 50. and you need to put money in to get it to light up. A penny for 12 min. nickle for a hour and a dime for 2 hours.
    I have picts. Cant post em.