Thursday, December 28, 2006

More art and another bird

non-traditional tree in the library lobby

Hi everyone! Sorry about not posting for a while. With the holidays on us all and travels here and there, our posting fell behind. We still had a few visitors so thank you for coming back to check us out!

This is another art piece that has been donated to the library. It now sits in the lobby at the Central Library building downtown. It's a non-traditional holiday tree but I think of it as a tower. I like the cut paper designs and the light inside (though you can't fully appreciate the lighting affect since the lobby is always so lit up). I don't really understand the bird on top. And no, that is not a real bird though it's fooled many people. I wish there was a star on top or something else maybe. The bird just doesn't do it for me.

Click here for a close-up of the top.


  1. I like it, and I don't like it. Isn't that odd. I can't make up my mind!

  2. Hi Luggi. I understand. That is how many things are here in SA. People like and don't like the Enchilada Central Library. They like or don't like the Friendship Tower (posted here some time ago by Sarah). Funny, no?

  3. Bonne année, bonne santé
    "Le temps passe, les années filent. Quand une nouvelle année commence, on se demande toujours si elle apportera la paix et le bonheur à chacun... Fermez les yeux et faites un voeu !"

    Good year, good health
    time passes, the years slip by. When a new year starts, one always wonders if it will bring peace and happiness to each one… Close the eyes and make a wish!

  4. I've missed many days of DP photos because of broken internet connection in Hong Kong...Happy new year to you all!

  5. I'm guessing since this is a non-traditional Christmas tree and this is a public building, with the current atmosphere of worrying about religious symbols, a star was seen to be too Christian - so they went with the bird. Glad to see library photos and art. I'm a library lover too.

  6. just popped in to wish you 4 fantastic ladies a very blissfilled new year!

  7. It's a dirty bird sitting atop a mound of guano, right?