Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cooling off from the heat

Sarah's photo of the bench at the Alamo made me think of this spot as another place we can go to cool off from the SA heat. This is located right outside a wonderful ice cream shop that has recently moved to a newly renovated space up the street from my sister's apartment. The shop is called Justin's and they were recently kicked out of their leased space on the Riverwalk so that some chain restaurant can move in. Well, the Riverwalk's lose is our gain because now my sister and I can go to Justin's anytime (just a few blocks walk) and it's only 6 minutes from where we work.

See more photos of Justin's here.


  1. That looks lovely. Lets go there after lunch one day.

  2. It's a date Sarah. I had some Italian ice cream, can't recall the name, and it was YUMMY!

  3. Hi Thien =)

    How is San Antonio at this time of the year? I imagine it must be quite beautiful and warm. Italian ice cream sounds very delicious!