Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alamo Fiesta

This is one of my all-time favorite stores in Texas. It's 5 minutes north of Central Library and they've always got some really neat merchandise displayed seasonally. Currently it's the season for Halloween and Days of the Dead celebrations hence all the pumpkins, skeletons and so on.

The pinatas are wonderful -- well made, reasonably priced and often hilarious. I see a bat, Casper the Friendly Ghost and a witch. When it's Spurs playoffs, you start seeing basketballs and popular players (yes, as pinatas).

One day I'll try and get some pics of the inside. It's filled with goodies from Mexico. Dolls, clothing, ceramic and popular tin decorations, pottery and more traditional pinatas. If you're in the area, definitely check this place out!


  1. loved reading your post today, that would be my kind of place, photos from your part of the world at the moment are very festive and enjoyable, i wish i could be there.

  2. Oh we love our fiestas too Kate. In San Antonio, we'll take any excuse to have a party. In November we celebrate Day of the Dead. In December we've got Christmas and we do it up big, what with Posadas, river parades, and over the top Christmas decorations. In February we get our cowboy on with the Stock Show and Rodeo. March is our St. Patricks Day festivities—parades and dyeing of the San Antonio River green. April of course is 10 days of Fiesta, which include oyster bakes, shrimp fests, river parades, night parades and the fan favorite Battle of Flowers parade—which is a city holiday.

  3. :P
    oo..i saw the pumpkins...:D thats my favourite!!

  4. Halloween spirit is definitely in the air - seeing all the photos from the various DPs

  5. Quite a shop!!!