Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sonia and Danny

Sonia got married yesterday, and left for her honeymoon today. Congratulations!


  1. Congrats Sonia!!! Hope you don't think of blogging at all on your honeymoon.

    This is a good week to get married... My wife and I are going to be married 5 years this Saturday,

  2. Awwww grats. Is the groom crying?

  3. Yes...he is. I didn't get to make the wedding, but I did hear there was plenty of waterworks—kind of went with the location of the ceremony which was a lake. :D

  4. Those two had almost everyone crying before a single word was uttered! Will try to post a lakeside pic since I went to the ceremony shorty.

    Our little Sonia is hitched!

  5. Sonia - congratulations, hope you have a great and unforgettable honeymoon.
    Great photo - is her husband nursing happy tears? =)

  6. Sonia: congratulation on your wedding and have a wonderful honeymoon!

  7. Congratulations Sonia.
    Sarah, you catch very good moment!
    And thank you for stopping by at Nelson (New Zealand).

  8. Nα ζήσουν!
    I hope that they will be in love for ever...
    Happy honey moon!

  9. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for the happy wishes! That day was truly a great day. Yes, there was a lot of water works going on. Danny and I are both very sentimental and the whole experience was very special to us and we just kept crying. Thanks again!! :0)