Wednesday, October 18, 2006

City Hall - Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas

This is the front entrance of our City Hall where most of our city leaders have offices -- City Manager and all her assistant city managers and deputy city managers, council members and all their assistants and the mayor and all his assistants. Lots of assistants around there. Oh, and I believe some other city employees. It looks great from the outside but when I went inside for a meeting upstairs, there's a restaurant in the basement and since the center is open all the way up through the 2nd floor, it was sweltering from all the cooking I guess.


  1. Gee, everybody in the building must know when you're supposed to be hungry, the yummy smell wafting up at the right time, or all day?

  2. Great photograph. Well done Thiên!

  3. Thanks Tanty. Fragrant all day, Meg. Breakfast tacos in the morning, enchiladas and so on in the afternoon. I don't believe they are open in the evening however.