Saturday, January 27, 2007

And then there was three...maybe two...


Yesterday Sarah and I met up to check out the new yarn store in SA, Yarnivore. Loved it. Smaller than Yarn Barn but very comfortable (with two sofas) and a nice knitter who answered a few pressing questions we've had on our minds. We'll definitely go back. Then we checked out a new restaurant called Oodles and chatted for hours. And whipped out our cameras once or twice. Naturally. Here's where Sarah tells me she's retiring from the DP. We're going to miss you Sarah!

You might have noticed that our blog is a little more sporadic in postings and that Sonia and Sarah rarely post anymore. So much is going on and with the girls at different libraries now (and Sonia not being able to find her cable to upload photos), I think our blog will probably be moving to the City Blogs list soon. My job has changed quite a bit as well and so I feel awful whenever we can get a daily shot up b/c I love doing this DP. When I go about life, I am almost always thinking, "oh, that would be a cool shot for the DP. Also, I so love reading the comments everyone makes. We will see what happens but if you don't find us in the daily list in the near future, you'll understand why.

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  1. The world's biggest chopsticks.