Thursday, January 18, 2007

Arctic Blast SA

Pic 113

Technically taken in SA as we were driving home on Tuesday, when the worst of the cold front was pushing through the area. It was exciting because it's something different and we very, very rarely get this kind of cold weather. The temperature lingered around and below freezing for several days, freezing the rain that was coming down. Shorty and I were talking about the cool sounds of the trees as they rocked with the wind. The ice on the limbs made the sound a bit spooky but we liked it! Shorty got some great shots of the ice formations and though they are in Floresville, just south of SA, I'm pushing her to post one of them for tomorrow. Go on, Shorty!


  1. The picture itself is sending chills... hohoho...

  2. Wow, that's cool!
    Did you know that song by Meat Loaf called "objects in the real view mirrow may appear closer than they are"... That's the thing I did think first when i saw this lyrics on your mirrow. Then I saw this iced-water... cold cold there!
    Greetings from Madrid :)

  3. *hehehe* I'm trying to remember which ones you liked, so I can post. I'll post before the day is through.