Friday, March 09, 2007

Alamo Fiesta

Picture 088

Before my trip to CA, I wanted to pick up a little gift for my brother and his wife and I wanted it to be something local to SA or at least very representative of SA. Naturally, I stopped by Alamo Fiesta and browsed. You can get more information from their website but basically it is a treasure chest of handcrafts from Mexico. I love the place. I ended up buying them a cute bowl on little feet with a spoon to go along with it.


  1. Oh, well done. Lovely piece!

    Greetings from Richmond upon Thames (UK) CDP

  2. Thank you. The green and pink combo is my favorite. I walked in and the light behind the paper flowers was the first thing I noticed.

  3. I love this store and how colorful it is. I always forget it's there, until it's time to buy a pinata. I need to go there and get Tan-Tan a nice little Mexicany dress.