Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Emily Morgan Hotel

Picture 212

I was acting as chauffeur for Mark and his boss b/c they needed a ride downtown (limited parking) and I parked near the Emily Morgan. It is a very interesting hotel, supposedly haunted! It's Gothic Revival architecture and is rather well-known across the country. It's also conveniently located next to the Rivercenter Mall and the Alamo -- the heart of downtown. It's not cheap...click here to view their site.


  1. Superb architecture and really nice catch

  2. Stunning!

    I love this building and what a great capture of it that you managed!

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    Guelph Daily Photo

  3. I love this building too. I've tried to get some good shots of it, but either I'm too close and in a moving vehicle, or too far away to get a good zoom shot.

  4. Gorgeous! Fantastic architecture!

  5. This is a great hotel to stay in. The rooms are very classic and neat. Have you been inside? Theres a rounded fireplace with great seating.The best part is its outside architecture. You know I think the saying "the yellow rose of texas" is about Emily Morgan which the hotel is named after.

  6. The architecture is magnificence and, of course, it's haunted.

  7. The Emily Morgan Hotel is absolutely haunted. We stayed there on the weekend of Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009 on the 11th floor, which overlooks the Alamo.

    I've always been a ghost skeptic, but not after staying there Saturday night.

    The hotel is beautiful, it's very clean and well-kept. The staff is very nice and accomodating.

    We loved the hotel, the view, and the bedroom.

    Before I begin to tell you our experience at the Emily Morgan hotel, you need to understand that the bathrooms in each room have two large glass hanging/sliding doors that slide together to close bathroom area. It's actually a very elegant and classy look to the bathroom area. The doors have frosted glass so it gives the person in the bathroom area some privacy.

    Second, I need to tell you that I didn't even know the hotel was supposed to be haunted until after the fact, but I realized it once we were there in our room because my wife and I got what we consider "our first and hopefully ONLY" paranormal experience.

    After checking into the hotel during the day, we left the hotel and had a nice evening on the riverwalk. We also went shopping, I bought a cheap nylon string Spanish guitar as well as some other Alamo and Texas-themed souveniers and then we went to have dinner.

    We came back to the hotel, had a drink in the bar area, then we settled in for the night around 10:30-45pm. At around 11;40pm, my wife and I were awakened with the sound of something stirring or rustling in the room.

    We turned on the light, but nothing was there. We figured that it might have been a sound coming from the hallway outside our room door.

    We didn't think much of it and settled back to sleep.

    I went to the bathroom before getting back into bed. When I came out of the bathroom, I slid the bathroom doors shut and then got into bed.

    At a little after midnight (around 12:30am), my wife and I awoke again by a very loud sound of a cabinet door or maybe a drawer slamming shut. This time, the sound was much closer and distinct -- like it was RIGHT IN OUR ROOM!

    We were both very startled, we turned on the light quickly -- and still nothing in the room.

    However, this time, it freaked out my wife, because she thought someone was actually in our room. Like maybe a burgular or something. Of course, there was no one there.

    But, then I got major chills as I looked over at the glass bathroom doors that I am 100% certain that I closed shut earlier -- yet they were open nearly all the way.

    I didn't tell my wife that I had closed the doors earlier, because I didn't want to totally scare her.

    Still, I got up -- checked all over the room. Checked the bathroom, checked the tub/shower area. Nothing. It was quiet again.

    This time my wife saw me close the glass bathroom doors as I was coming back to the bed.

    We settled back to sleep, and all was good until around 3am, when we got the most scared we've ever been.

    We awoke to the sound of a guitar. However, the sound was coming from the guitar that I purchased earlier that evening. I had stood it in the corner of the room before we went to bed, but i was if something brushed across the strings, so that ALL SIX strings could be heard -- and rather loudly too. There's no way it could've been the air conditioner, these strings were brushed loudly.

    But then, we got even more freaked out and scared when we both noticed that the glass bathroom doors were nearly all the way open again!!!!

    Holy S@#$!, we were scared and freaked out.

    Afer that, we pretty much stayed awake for the rest of the night, taking turns at sort of cat napping until morning. But nothing else happened.

    We had a very tired day on Sunday due to lack of sleep following our stay at the very "Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel".

    This story is 100% true. It happened just the way I'm describing it to you.

    If you like haunted hotels, the Emily Morgan Hotel is defintely a place you need to stay. We were on the 11th floor, but they say that the most paranormal activity happens on the 7th floor and 8th floor.

  8. I learned the Emily Morgan was haunted after we booked the Hotel and was traveling there. I stayed on the 5th floor and had no issues with Ghost! Thank Goodness! I was there with my husband and two children ages 1 and 8. The room was very clean and nicely decorated. I would stay there again.