Saturday, March 03, 2007

White School Bus

White school bus
A bit ago one of the Daily blogs was talking about school buses and the colors of such. Well a few days later I saw this one. It's white as you all can see. It's for a local day care center run by the local chapter of the Daughters of Charity.


  1. I believe this bus you have recorded is a subsidiary of the milk truck enterprise. Nursery school is clearly a front, as is the Hampton House for organized crime. Super cool pic though!!!! Luv the blog... I just suggest that you keep wary of white school buses, etc. Just pure evil. Actually, there's one in my town that stalks me. Please show that you support my struggle by commenting back!!!:

  2. I got a ticket for passing a school bus. I saw the bus but it was white and in my mind I never tought that it was a school bus but a former school bus bought for another use.
    I just feel that it is unfair and the public should be informed.

  3. its actually an MFSAB(Multi-Function School Activity Bus)