Monday, October 08, 2007

Vietnam War Memorial

2007_10-08 (74)
Today was Columbus day and unlike most people that didn't go to work I did. We were at the Municipal Auditorium pretty much all day. We had a break for lunch and then one in between sessions. We were glad to go on the break because it was frakkin cold inside and it allowed us to warm up a little. While we were out there we crossed the street to the Southwestern Bell/AT&T building. In front of that is a plaza with a Korean War Memorial and a Vietnam War Memorial. I had been in the general area a number of times before, but I had not noticed the memorials. This time I wanted to make sure to get some pics. I took a couple of pics of both the memorials. I liked how much this inanimate figure emotes.

If you're wondering why I chose this memorial over the other for this post, there was only one tio (although my sister says he's really a cousin, but whatever) served and came back from Vietnam, so this is for him and all those others that serve...then and now and for those that will serve in the future.


  1. An amazing sculpture beautifully captured.

    Quick Snap 365

  2. Yes, that sculpture is breath-taking, and it needs to be seen in real life to be really appreciated.

  3. I am glad you chose to share this memorial to honor your uncle.

  4. After seeing your post, I made a point to drive by yesterday. You can't appreciate just how large this sculpture is unless you see it in person.

  5. Lovely shot, Shorty. I'm glad you snapped it. I have always thought it a great monument. The details are amazing.

  6. Thanks mike it is truly a wonder to see.

    alba - I agree that it needs to be seen in person, it almost looks like they are real and only frozen in time.

    LL - I have a soft spot for those who serve, partly because many members of my family have served.

    dave - It is pretty big, which makes me wonder how I really didn't see it last time I was there.

    T - Thanks. You know me I just push the button, the camera does all the rest. The devil is in the details with this one, I also like how the rain, or whatever it is running down the face of the one soldier makes it look likes he's weeping.