Monday, October 01, 2007

Home's at the End of this Rainbow

2007_10-01 (8)
I haven't seen as many rainbows in my whole life as I've seen recently...or at least I don't think so. This one we spotted on 181 on the way home. This was one of those days where it rained or threatened to rain all day. I liked how the rainbow seemed to be pointing the way home.


  1. This is a beauty, one of the biggest rainbows I have seen.

  2. And,did you find the pot o' gold?

  3. These photos of San Antonio bring back so many nice memories. Thanks for posting them!


  4. That reminds me my stay in Texas in September.. I drove so much on such roads!

  5. I love rainbows. I am still trying to catch one. My camera always seems out of reach lately.

  6. rambling - I just wish the color wouldn't get washed out, we've had some beauts in the past year.

    kate - didn't find the pot o' gold but I did get home. :D

    Tony - Oh I love San Antonio and I love taking pics, I usually take at least a few a day.

    Dar - Can't say I can take credit for it. :D Just capturing it on zee camera.

    Elsa - Yeah certain parts of Texas are nothing but these roads. As we drove to Cali this is all we saw pretty much.

    T - I love me the rainbows too. I think I recall my mother telling us not to look directly at them, but I can't remember whether it was rainbows or something else. There was always so much stuff we weren't supposed to do.