Friday, November 30, 2007

Antennae Toppers

jack in the crack holiday ball
Don't know how far Jack in the Box extends, but we have a few here in San Antonio. I don't stop there too often, because they take for-ever. I've tried their ultimate cheeseburger, something or other on sourdough and also some kind of breakfast sandwich. A couple of the boyos I work with speak highly of their steak burgers. One of those boyos went there for lunch today and brought me back one of these Jack heads. What I liked about this one is that it had a little suction cup attached to it, so I didn't necessarily need to spear it onto my antennae. A couple of years ago, my nephew was obsessed with getting these balls when they were reindeer and such and another boyo of mine say this and said that his mother always has to get them too. I wonder how many people out there are as acquisitionally challenged as those two. :D

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