Friday, November 02, 2007

El Tropicano

2007_11-02 (20)
This hotel is right off the RiverWalk and pretty much across the street from the Municipal Auditorium. I love the design of the backdrop. It's so retro, one of these days I need to find time to head inside. The trolley line I take passes by this hotel and many a tourist come and go on it.


  1. This is actually a really cool hotel and when I work at my downtown office, I often look out the window and stare down at the pool located on the second floor.

    A buddy of mine came to town and stayed there. They have a nice little bar in the lobby and there was a band playing, I think it was Cuban music. I can see how this will be a big attraction when the River Walk is completed along that section of the river. Very cool.

  2. Hey Dave, you seem to have such great views from your office. I used to have great views, but my current office's window only looks out into the interior of the building. I can actually see out some exterior windows but those only look out to an enclosed patio on the lower floor. I have seen the construction on the river level. I need to grab a pic of it sometime before it's done.