Monday, November 05, 2007

San Pedro Playhouse Sign

San Pedro Playhouse sign
I've been passing this sign for a few months now. It really caught my eye when they started advertising the Zombie Prom. Before this I think they advertised some Pillow Man play or something like that. That also caught my eye because I read a book that had that exact title. I've never been in the playhouse but I think down this street is located Big Kahuna's, a great Vietnamese restaurant. Try it out if you get a chance. Oh this is also across the street from SAC (San Antonio College), and in the same tract of land as San Pedro Library.


  1. I went there with my wife one time to see a play where the setting was a court room. I asked the usher where my seat was because I could make sense of what the ticket indicated. The usher looked a the ticket and said that we were to sit on stage. I seems certain random tickets holders were chosen to be on the jury and sit in the jury box. I though it was a hoot, my wife didn't care for it much. I guess I'm the ham of the family.

  2. Thats a good story bob. I'm sure I wouldn't have wanted to sit on the stage though...yikes! I'm afraid I tend to be the ham in my family too, although it never seems intentional, on my part at least. :D