Thursday, May 29, 2008


My stepfather is helping to overhaul the old Hertzberg Clock at St. Mary's and Houston streets. Local historian Ed Gaida is spearheading the project. That's him in the middle on the scaffold. Here's some history on the clock.

Cast in iron by E. Howard Clock Company of Boston, it was first installed in front of Eli Hertzberg Jewelry Company on Commerce Street in 1878. In 1910, the company – and its clock – moved to the corner of St. Mary’s and Houston Streets. When Zales purchased the company in 1964, the store relocated to suburbia, leaving the clock behind. The clock is unusual in that it continues to be hand wound rather than electrically driven.

The Hertzberg Clock also appeared in the blog last May:


  1. I'm glad you got a pic of this. Last week I saw that they had it open and wanted to get a pic, but I was running late, and I was runnign late on the way back too.

  2. Any idea how often it has to be wound?