Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spurs Colors Flying High

Go Spurs Go
These flags are located at the University of the Incarnate Word. Usually where the black flag flies (the Spurs flag), there is another American flag--but even the nuns of the Incarnate Word get into the Spurs. If I'm not mistaken they also pray for them. :D


  1. For many years UIW flew flags from many nations on these multiple flagpoles at the Hildebrand Ave. overpass of Hwy. 281. I thought it was great, flags of China, Italy, Sweden, other places... I liked trying to figure out what countries all of the flags were for. No doubt they were flags of countries UIW students came from. Of course, UIW followed the U.S. Flag Code and made sure Old Glory flew higher than the other flags, but I thought it was great that they celebrated their international diversity with such a public display over a heavily traveled highway. Then September 11, 2000, and all the flags were replaced with U.S. flags.

    That really scared me, that a local university with a sizable international student body would feel they had to bring down the foreign flags or... or what? Be accused of being anti-American and pro-terrorist, I suppose.

    Anyway, nice to see your shots of SA every day (or so).

    BTW, I miss the SA tacos, but I can't stand avocados/guacamole either!

  2. capt. ben: If I'm not mistaken I think the multi-national flags are still somewhere on the campus, just not where I took the pic. I think the location of the flags might be closer to Broadway. I don't usually go that way much, but if I find myself going that way I'll try to verify and get a pic.